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We hope you are all doing well.

Due to the overwhelming influx of customers recently we are starting to run out of bookings on daily basis during our dinner service. As we don’t want all of our customers missing out on dining in with us, we thought it was right to make this post.

We have found that customers booking in 2 to 3 hours in advance for dinner service are not able to get seats. Because we are not a large restaurant, we can only take in a finite amount of customers. Therefore, to ensure you can get a booking, we recommend that you make a reservation a day or two in advance.

We are truly thankful to you for your patronage and interest in dining with us.

Many Thanks,
Benyue Kitchen Team

4 thoughts on “Bookings”

    1. Hi Justin,

      Our apologies for the extremely slow reply.

      If you would like to get in contact for another reservation request, you can contact us via our email “” or through Facebook

      Kind Regards,
      Benyue Kitchen Team

  1. I cannot believe that you have a telephone number and that you have a website and I have rung you several times as have my friends just to make a booking 2000….. with no responses ….no comments … please can you respond to my message we just want to come and enjoy the dining at your property
    my name is Sharyn my phone number is 0400579468…. Please have the courtesy to respond to my message either by message bank to confirm the fact that you have at least received my message thank you

    1. Hi Sharyn,

      We are terribly sorry about the lack of response from our team.

      We have been having difficulties on the communication end of our business and we are still trying to find a new way to ensure we can appropriately approach this issue.

      I will personally be in contact to answer your enquiry and take on any feedback.

      Kind regards,
      Benyue Kitchen Team

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