Menu Update

Good Afternoon,

We hope everyone is doing well.

Today we will be announcing a very important update about our new menu that tackles both customer feedback and the rising cost of fresh produce.

Having taken into consideration that many customers may have dietary requirements, we have decided to include on our menu a “Vegetarian” (V), “Vegetarian Option” (VO), “Gluten-Free” (GF) and “Gluten-Free Option” (GFO) indicators with certain dishes. While we still recommend letting our staff know of any dietary requirements you may have, we hope this helps you the next time you dine with us.

In addition, we have added descriptions to most of our dishes to ensure you have a better understanding of what you will be ordering. Although images of our cuisine would be ideal (which we are currently working on), we hope this also helps.

Now, “the elephant in the room” is the topic of pricing. With the increase of premium fresh produce in our current market, we and many others face the difficulty of balancing the cost spent on produce, the pricing of our menus, and everything in between. With “using premium and fresh produce to create the best dishes” at the forefront of our business, we have realised we will only be sacrificing the quality and experience if we decide to cut costs. Therefore, to be as fair and as reasonable as possible when tackling the problem, we have meticulously gone through each cost price to produce each dish and individually amended each price rather than unfairly increasing all items at a standard “xx%” price increase. We concluded our approach to the problem ensures that you will not be paying extra for a dish on our menu that has not suffered from an increase in procurement costs.

We hope you understand the difficult position we are coming from and continue to support us. We are always looking for ways to improve our restaurant and ensure the customer comes first at Benyue Kitchen.

We have made updates to both our online menu and in-store menu as of today.

Thank you.

Kind regards, Benyue Kitchen Team

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